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                                       HOW TO GET HERE

Mutton Falls Homestead and Venue.

397 Mutton Falls Rd, Tarana NSW 2787.

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Whether you come from the West or East, you'll need to turn off  the

Great Western Highway here at the Shell Coles Express, South Bowenfels,  and on to Magpie Hollow Road.

You'll go over Lake Lyell. 

You're just 28 minutes away! (29.3 km)

Magpie Hollow Road ends after 10.9km.

You turn Right (onto Hampton Road) then immediately Left on to Sodwalls Road. 

You're just 18 minutes away!

Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 2.26.20 pm.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 2.38.45 pm.png

About 13 minutes later you'll pass through our local village, Tarana, with all that the town has to offer. Veer left and left again.


You're about 5 minutes from Mutton Falls Guesthouse.

You made it!

This is the main gravel driveway entrance to the Guesthouse. 

If you're attending a function, parking is through the next gate on the left. 

All images from Google Maps.

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Approximate travel times

Sydney - Mutton Falls 

2 hr 30 min (166 km) via M4 and Great Western Hwy/A32

Katoomba - Mutton Falls

1 hr 1 min (64.7 km) via Great Western Hwy/A32

Bathurst - Mutton Falls 

31 min (37.1 km) via O'Connell Rd and Mutton Falls Rd

Oberon - Mutton Falls

21 min (22.4 km) via Lowes Mount Rd

Jenolan Caves - Mutton Falls

46 min (49.3 km) via Edith Rd and Lowes Mount Rd

Cowra - Mutton Falls

1 hr 47 min (143 km) via Mid Western Hwy/A41

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