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We are Lee-Anne & Chara - sisters and friends.

Together with our wonderful families, we are the current owners of Mutton Falls Tarana.

We say “current” because to be honest, we feel humbled and honoured to be part of the history of this beautiful homestead.

We have been amazed to hear the incredible stories of so many people who have been a part of its story.

For us, we spent much of our childhood visiting our grandparents’ farm in the local area and have always felt a connection to the land.

Coming to Mutton Falls feels like coming home. It is our happy place.

It is our hope and desire to share this beautiful piece of history and country with others

so that they too can share the joy that we feel when we are here.

So, come and stay! We’d love to share it with you!


Mutton Falls Tarana is a place to connect, rest and be refreshed.

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