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October 29 2022


So excited to be hosting the incredible and dynamic duo that is Forage to Feast at Mutton Falls this October. 

Diego Bonetto and Marnee Fox will be offering a hands on weed foraging experience, where participants learn to identify and harvest, then feast on edible wild foods at a magical 8 course degustation in our wooden barn.

Take a walk with Diego and discover the abundance of both native and non-native edibles to be found underfoot.

You will hear local stories of plant resilience woven with cultural trivia, migrant perspectives and local wisdom.

We will discuss the role plants play in repairing and building soil, and discover how they have been used for food, craft and natural remedies.

Most importantly, you will learn ways to safely harvest from the wild and enrich your diet with vitamins and minerals.


Each participant will receive a booklet detailing 16 of the most common wild edibles and enjoy the delicious wine

from our favourite local winery Renzaglia Wines to accompany this wild feast.

Both included in ticket price.



Diego’s fabulous new book ‘Eat Weeds’ will also be available for purchase and you will have the chance to get your copy signed.

  This is so much more than a workshop... it’s the sharing of stories, knowledge and different perspectives to foster a deeper understanding and connection each place.

To everything.

Stay at the homestead and receive a discounted workshop price and a complimentary continental breakfast with foraged treats. 


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